Introducing Vorotek Precision Optical Instruments

Vorotek was founded in 1971 by Australian ENT surgeon Dr John Vorrath. For over forty years Dr Vorrath has been developing and manufacturing fully integrated optical systems with illumination. In 1971 Dr. Vorrath developed the original Voroscope and was the co-developer of the LumiView in 1993. His aim has always been to provide users with products which enhance their capability for examination, instrumentation and procedures. Now, the same precision instruments used by over 95% of Australian ENT surgeons  are available from Black & Black Surgical, right here in the US.



Ideal for ENT and Audiology, the Vorotek O Scope is the successor to the original Voroscope and industry-leading LumiView head-worn microscope. It is hands-free and portable, providing brilliant LED illumination. Binocular vision allows both eyes to work together naturally, providing accurate depth perception in the ear, nose and throat.



The Vorotek L Scope’s thoughtful integration of loupes and surgica-quality LED illumination eliminates frequent adjustments, placing it at the
forefront of innovative, ergonomic design. It is head worn, light weight and emphases simplicity, durability and comfort.



LED illumination is replacing fibre optic lighting systems. The intensity & quality of the illumination matches that of fibre optics, without all the cables. Head-worn, lightweight and compact, the LED Headlight emphasizes simplicity, durability and comfort.


Are you an ENT Resident or do you know one? Vorotek USA has teamed up with Black & Black Surgical to give you $350 OFF on your purchase of L Scope or $200 OFF on O Scope. If you refer an ENT Resident to us and they make a qualifying purchase, you will also receive the same discount on your next qualifying purchase of L Scope or O Scope.