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The Illumination and Optical Instruments you purchase say a lot about you. Are you interested in comfort, portability and ease-of-use? Do you use clunky, outdated equipment because it's what you were taught? Did you know that precision optics and illumination are available, affordable, and can even be stylish?


ENT Residents and Referrers Receive $200 OFF O Scope
or $350 OFF L Scope for each qualifying purchase*

Explore and learn about all that Vorotek and Black & Black has to offer. When you're ready to order select 'Resident' or 'Referrer' in the form field, and we will process your discount once a qualified purchase is made!


Vorotek was founded in 1971 by Australian ENT surgeon Dr John Vorrath. For over forty years, Dr Vorrath has been developing and manufacturing fully integrated optical systems with illumination. Now, the same precision instruments used by over 95% of Australian ENT surgeons are available from Black & Black Surgical, right here in the US.


* Vorotek USA has teamed up with Black & Black Surgical to help new ENT Residents with their first purchase by offering $200 OFF on one (1) O Scope or $350 OFF on one (1) L Scope. Those referring a Resident who makes a qualifying purchase will also receive the same discount on a subsequent, qualifying purchase. All discounts are subject to approval by Black & Black Surgical. Valid for residents of the U.S. only.